Global Scale

The Earth is a very complex system where different realms and processes are intertwined along vast space and time scales. Earth's climate is one of the best examples in this sense, connecting atmospheric, land and oceanic domains. In order to analyse and project future climate scenarios, the Earth System Models (ESMs) have been developed covering a wide range of climate variables and timescales.

Global Distribution

The Earth System Model community has developed a common set of experiments under the auspices of the UN IPCC. These so-called CMIP5 (Coupled Model Intercomparison Project 5) Models are able to estimate the global distribution of near-surface temperature (or TAS). In this globe we display the averaged surface temperature over the 1980-2005 time period.

Time Series

ESMs project past, present and future climate along centuries. The Industrial Revolution around 1850 is the start of the historical estimates up to year 2005. From 2005 on, there are four different scenarios accoring to the IPCC Representative Concentration Pathways. Change in surface temperature is shown in the historical period compared to the averaged 1961-1990 time period, while future projections are referenced to the 1985-2005 time period.

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