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In this visualization, interactive globes present models of oceanic carbon export at present time derived from SeaWIFS data. These are annual means, showing the high productive regions in the northern and southern hemispheres, and also the low production regimes in the gyres.

Scroll to zoom and drag to rotate the globes.

The dataproducts displayed here are those from Eppley and Peterson, 1979, Betzer et al., 1994, Baines et al., 1994, Laws et al., 2000, Laws et al., 2011, Dunne et al., 2005, Westberry et al., 2012, and Li and Cassar, 2016. The comparison analyses were funded by NASA Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry Research Programand by LabexMER.

Eppley and Peterson, 1979

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Baines et al., 1994

Laws et al., 2000

Laws et al., 2011 (Eq.2)

Laws et al., 2011 (Eq.3)

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Li and Cassar, 2016 (GP)

Li and Cassar, 2016 (SVR)